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Tricyclic antidepressants

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Have done some more reading on other forums, it seems that amitriptyline has been successfully used in the treatment of HPPD. The OP's doctor reports using it for a number of HPPD patients, although the OP is not herself an HPPD-er. Here is part of the discussion:


OP: "For the first 3 weeks i took this drug at 10mg at night, for the following 3 weeks to present ive been taking 20mg at night. I can tell my VS is improving, as well as the tinnitus is 99% gone. i dont even notice it anymore. The good news about this drug is it is effective even at this very low dose, you wont see results for about 4-5 weeks but then ul see improvement."


OP: "The doc who gave it to me said he's seen a lot of vs people. He uses it a lot on hppd people too."

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