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Explaining HPPD to your doctor.


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These are the studies I presented to my doctor which is a neurologist and tDCS, TMS treatments specialist, when I was explaining him what is HPPD.


Any suggestions/modifications are welcome. Later anybody can use it as a quick introduction when talking to a doctor.

Study: Stable quantitative EEG difference in post-LSD visual disorder by split-half analysis: evidence for disinhibition (10/7/1996)-

Study: EEG coherence in post-LSD visual hallucinations (10/1/2001)-
pdf: http://www.lycaeum.org/research/researchpdfs/2001_abraham_1.pdf

Study: Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder in neuronal networks with adaptation (2/2012)-

Study: Hallucinogen  Persisting  Perception  Disorder  (HPPD)  and  Flashback-are
they Identical? http://esciencecentral.org/journals/hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-hppd-and-flashback-are-they-identical-jaldd.1000121.pdf
Good explanation with a reference to many drug trials. Recommended read.

Flashbacks and HPPD: A Clinical-oriented Concise Review (2014) -
Very good summary of hppd definitions and treatments - must read.




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