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Former HPPD sufferer; I've been essentially symptom-free for years

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I was hit with intense HPPD years ago following several years use of LSD and mushrooms in not-enormous quantities — probably about 20 or 25 experiences with LSD and six or seven with mushrooms. There was some marijuana smoking, but not much. The HPPD was debilitating. I had to fight like heck for years to maintain my will to live. I have just signed up on this forum in order to post a message. My HPPD, for all practical purposes, is gone. I had never expected to get to that point during all that despair, but work with two professionals paid off. I held off coming back to this site for quite a while, as I don’t relish revisiting the memories of what I went through. But that doesn’t really seem fair, seeing as some of you would no doubt respond to same treatment that sorted me out. If anybody would like me to give them a phone call to discuss, just let me know (there is nothing in it for me, I would refer you to the two professionals that essentially got rid of the visuals and the lion share of the anxiety — I say lion’s share, as I have not wanted to test my luck getting off a low dose of an antidepressant, so I keep taking it as an insurance policy). I understand the need for privacy and would not of course need to know the name of anyone who would like to talk to me. Just write me at the following email: WilliamtonRidge@yahoo.com. That is not my main email, so I won’t be checking it every day.

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