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Ketogenic diet

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Wow ok last night I was feeling even stranger but not so much In a bad way sort of like a something is happening to my brain way. I went to sleep with probably 4 grams of sugar and 5 carbs consumed the entire day, nothing but fat in my system and I woke up from my sleep so fucking confused. That is one of the things I hate the most about hppd waking up scared and confused but this time I was really fucking confused questioning where I am and who I am etc. I immediately grabbed a fruit snack which was about 10 grams of sugar, ate it and went back to bed to wake up to still a slight confusion. Just another treatment that won't work for me(btw my visuals remained around the same in intensity but changed in the way they were moving and their shape)

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When I do ketogenic diet, what I do is I eat not 0 or 5 grams but around 50 grams or even little more of carbs a day. They recommend less, I think like between 0-30 grams at the beginnning of the diet, but everybody has different treshold of ketosis. If you stuff yourself with coconut oil (eg 5 spoons a day) which delivers ketones to your system immidiately, you can then allow yourself eat more carbs and mantain ketosis.


The best thing to do is buy ketosticks , (test for ketosis) and with their help you can find your sweet spot.

First few days on ketosis I tend to be very flegmatic/slow to move (but also relaxed), prob I get lower pressure. After few days it gets much better.


They say the first 2 or 4 weeks are hard. I think first few days because of energy levels and later, when that gets better, because of cravings.


I crave too much for sweet things and I have a feeling if I had 0-5 grams of carbs a day I would turn depressed and unbearably fatigued.. Also the increased cravings would also increase the chance of breaking the diet faster.


So, I advice to balance it for yourself too, maybe then you are not gonna suffer drastic worsening of energy levels/mood etc.


Im trying it again, hopefuly I will go pass 2-4 weeks this time and to see how it supposed to make me feel. (day 4 now)


Good luck!

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Your not suppose to eat bread nor sugar. If you add just a bit of that, it's all ruined because you are suppose to change how your brain breaks down the energy. Not from glucose, sucralose or fructos but from fat; ketos.


It takes roughly a week or two to adapt, you should have no side-effects except for tiredness, bad breath, sweating. This should return to normal and you will feel better then ever.


Good luck,

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OneLovez, I am very skinny like sometimes I think it's a medical problem cause I eat a lot but don't gain weight. How much coconut oil and meat should I eat a day? I've heard there's like a limit on how much fat you should have

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They say ketogenic diet is supposed to be 60-65% calories in fat, 30-35% calories in protein and 5% in carbs.

1 g of carbs and protein are equal to 4kcal

while 1 g of fat is equal to 9kcal.

I calculated my daily intake of those assuming that I need 2500 calories everyday.


2500 calories * 60% = 1500 calories / 9 calories = 166 grams of fat
2500 * 35% = 875 / 4 = 220 grams of protein
2500 * 5%= 125 / 4 calories = 30 grams of carbs lol


Keep in mind that beef / chicken and whatever do not contain 100% protiens. They have maybe 15-30 grams of protein per 100g of weight.

According to this I was eating 300g of meat twice a day, in between some polish sausages (replacement of snacks), 4 eggs scrumble egg everyday.
I had to be careful not to eat like more than one onion and some other veg's a day.


Also as I say I was eating bit more carbs, around 50-60 (but everyone is different). Buy ketones urine test sticks - as long as you mantain traces amount of ketones in your urine (you are in ketosis), your good.


I have seen some interviews where they say when you are in ketosis you can eat as much fat as you want and you will still burn it all.

Some keto veterans eat few % less proteins for the sake of few % of extra fat.


By the above calculations I came up with 5 big spoons of coconat oil a day (and that should be your minimum I believe).

If theres anything else you wanna know, shoot.

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Well I am really skinny and don't have natural body fat to burn so is it ok for me to eat a lot of fat like more than the average keto dieter? I mean like 10 spoons of coconut oil and a bunch of eggs and meat. Did you ever get really confused for a bit on it?

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I think you can eat this much no problem, the question is will you body/stomach handle this much coconut oil :)

Try it and see if you are comfortable with it.

Confused.. not really. I was feeling kind of heavy to move around or to get up and do some things, thats about it.

Ok when I was playing battlefield 4 id get little slower reaction - all the above just for the first few days...


The good thing about it was when I went for a massage it was much more pleasurable.

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I tried it yesterday only lasted a day, I was very confused and disoriented, I felt like I was in a psychosis I literally cilantro understand anything and had an unshakable feeling of imminent doom, I was so so scared. My heart rate was really high and I ended up having non stop diareaha and vomited because I ate to much coconut oil, my heart beat being very heavy combined with how utterly scared I was feeling I had decided to end the process before I went to bed thinking I would die in sleep. Why do you think this is happening? I usually don't have that much sugar but it may have been low blood sugar, I also really cut my carbs like to 10 was that to much?

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When going keto remember to take a fair amount of magnesium, like 250-500mg of the good kind. You loose a lot of that.

Also remember that you WILL need less calories when you go full keto. So counting calories doesnt work. If you eat strict LCHF and have adapted, a body that usually needs 2500 calories will only need 1900 calories. That is beyond 10 grams of carbs and a good ratio of fat for some time until you adapt

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