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HPPD: no anxiety, but DP/DR..

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Since I smoked weed and drank green tea(i now quit these), i got new symptoms:


-inanimate objects seem alive; faces etc..(im writing this post in school and people are looking at my screen...)


like ill look at a chair and my brain thinks that its alive. or anything. its like what i imagine schizophrenia to be except i dont believe the hallucinations.


These impair my functioning. I think it causes DP on its own even without anxiety. So im stuck in DP ... cant feel emotions. 


I cant accept this shit.... i hardly have anxiety though im just really depressed and cant stop crying how my parents went thru all this trouble to raise me and now idk if i can even relate to them: feel empathy.


My life is ruined. 


I basically feel like im in an acid trip all the time without the good feelings...

this article in interesting.  http://all-that-is-interesting.com/hppd/2

It explains how our the visual part of our brain is hyperactive. so it tries too hard to make sense of stuff.


Maybe it will clear up since i quit all drugs ..... gonna meditate all day. sleep, healthy eating, excersize: all check. 


I am only 19 and my brain is defiled.


Does anyone else have these symptoms??? 

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