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So i tried alcohol for the first time in years, what happened...


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Well i had a really bad raction for about 5 years ago when i drank three glases of wine. Basically i was back in limbo for a month. From that point i was as paranoid to alcohol as with second hand exposure to weed.


But recently i have started to feel better, and decided to try some beer. I drank a couple of low level alcohol beer at my class party just too see what happened. I do not think anyone except someone really small and sensitive would have felt that. However, i have HPPD so...


I drank my second beer, didnt have any "buzz" but man, i got stoned! Or should i say body load. I was sitting in my friends bed and couldnt get up. It was like every other person in the room started to get a little bit more in the mood but i just sat there. I did get some anxiety of the feeling in my body. No joy or anything, not sure if it was the keppra and LCHF-diet that got me so knocked out. It passed however. We went out and i started to feel really normal, still with the alchol in my body. Its kinda sad thinking back to it. Even if my visuals heigthened a bit i didnt really care and was better off then ever. However, it came with the price of increased visuals post one week, like looking at the sky and seeing geometric patterns in the cloud (like hectagon grids).


Well, thats that but it emphatize what we already know i guess with GABA and dopamine. Alcohol enhances both and David mentioned alchohol being temporarily good for symptoms.

So i am still waiting for that pill that naturally enhances dopamine (sinemet but functional to all) and something to fix the negative GABA surge. Barbitatures-Benzodiasepines-HPPD fix next?

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I start to drink after 3.5 having hppd together i did start different sport 3 months ago i didnt never feel so good in past of 3.5 years it was not easy buth i maded a routine of a good dosis of sport when i drink 2 heavy beers my symtomps fayd of extra for 1 or 2 days and my mood gets beter and my concentration after its work out geth better i drink with coution i wil try never drink then 2 beers with one day not alchol and i am doing this one month and i did notice a extra postive effect in general health buth yea every body is different need to find his own remedy buth sport is a universal remedy in his own tempo i am sure for that

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