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Anyone had success with Clonidine?

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lol this had been a while since i logged in at this board. well since i saw this question and i'm currenly taking this med (since a few days) i thought lets post something!

well about clonodine its too early for me to say if its doing something, but i will report back later i will remember this topic (and report the results after 2 weeks or whatever).


ait, keep it up guys, peazeee (taking it 3 times a day and the dose is 0.025mg if i'm right, so that 3 times a day and for 2 months is the plan.



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I've taken clonidine for 5 yrs and I do think it helps.  It's actually a heart and bp med.  They found it helped some vietnam vets with ptsd and visual pxs.  I have sort of pulsing geometric shapes I see on walls and surfaces and also hbp so it calms 2 birds with one stone.  lol    oh yeah shapes are much less noticeable .  good luck  I think part of it is I've also adjusted over time.

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