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Will looking at static make it worse? no anxiety

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i wonder if looking at a wall will make it worse. 


I cant just not look at walls the rest of my life lol. 



I have gotten over the anxiety pretty much. is looking at it ok?




"mild" hppd/tinnitus/maybe a lil bit of dr/dp. 


i got over all of the tremendous anxiety thru meditation... it just started raining so im gonna go meditate in the rain ! love life 





if anyone needs help with anxiety tell me,  i mite make a thread. 


p.s. i think its best to fight the anxiety before years pass and the anxiety increases since u keep dissociating from it. 


ps.s. i had lucid dream last nite and sleep paralysis cuz i was focused on the static and it transformed into shaped kinda like a DMT trip... it relieved the remaining anxiety pretty much ..... felt nice to trip ..... my whole body was vibrating and got goosebumps, that profoudn trippy feeling that i also get from meditation.


well its raining time to meditate.




Lethargic much love,


message me if u guys want about whatever

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Looking to static wil dont make it worser normaly if you dont use drugs it cant be worser i look to my visuals i have the feeling that if i look to much it wil geth worser buth it never happened so it wil never geth worser buth the first yyearmy brain was developing hppd so it was gething wors by time in the first years then it was going slowy better

For meditation did make my symptoms worser and i did stoo it because it actived psydelics patterns buth how more you do it you can break to it and you wil geth stronger how harder you fight how stronger you geth

And i saw lot of dreams in de beginning a lot of dreams that i was using and tripping in my dreams

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