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Sinemet question.. and some thoughts on HPPD

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Guys I need some advice. I really need something that will help me slightly, repair a bit my 'thoughts processing', cause I really have to get a job, but nobody is gonna hire such a spacer..


I tried flunarizinium and lamotrigine - both gave me a stingy/burning sensation in my head since day 1-2, that was getting bigger, so I stopped taking them soon after. Same as lion's mane did and some other things would too. I can't even drink few spoons of most herbs cause they affect me somehow.


I haven't tried keppra yet - but Im thinking maybe I should try something else - I feel like my thought process is disrupted, especially when I undersleep. The thoughts sometimes don't seem to "make it through" the neuronal pathways.. im missing words, have problem with thoughts associations etc. Don't know lack of which neurotransmitters/receptors could be responsible for it..


I would like to try Sinemet, with COMT inhibitor? could that help my cognition?


My main question is though - would it downregulate my dopamine receptors a lot - as in.. let say later, when side effects became a problem for me or id like to stop the drug when I feel little better I guess - would not the symptoms come back stronger? Due to downregulation of dopamine receptors?


Would it take much time for them to come about to their baseline?


1) im little affraid cause I am a kind of a person that after quitting coffee that I used to need (1 cup a day) - It takes me 2-3 days if not longer to be able to jumpstart again and not be a zombie through the whole day.. im also sensitive to drugs etc. I have a bad feeling, that it could take months if not years for my receptors to "recover".


2) Is it not the case with people with HPPD that our brains are hmm.. neuroplasticity comes to my head, but with a negative effect. that our brains get altered easily (receptors up / down regulate fast due to drugs etc. leaving their "imprint") and then it takes long time for them to return to their old "shape"? hence we are the ones who get HPPD.

I know people that do not suffer from HPPD that after smoking too much weed even, get some HPPD symptom like "framed vision".. so their brain chemistry goes to a similar state needed for that symptom to happen and then it seems their brain is flexible enough to bounce back. Our brains, like I said already, once they get "deshaped" they can't restore themselfs to their old shape (number of receptors etc). Also some people report some HPPD symptoms when coming down from extasy.. and i don't have to mention LSD.


for majority of people they seem to disappear after good sleep, as like their receptors come back to the baseline.. so i don't know if we can call it a receptor damage - unless, they have some gene that lets them repair the damaged receptors, that we don't..

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