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keppra no effect after 1,5 mont

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I dont see any effect of keppra 2x 500mg at a day for 1.5month and i dont feel any side effect buth and after stopping klonopin it was hard en when it was over 2 of my main symptom geth back to the first day this two syptoms are: when i look to sombody face its freezing for 2 seconds and when i hear sounds or voices from people i hear it strange or i hear a after sounds somtimes 2 times or more from time to time what sould i do stop or continue ? I take tumeric powerder an black peper with olive oil now a month in a row damn no effect all supplements until now with no effect i ruined my life with mushrooms life was so good witout this disease buth i didnt knew this when you want always more its very risky you can loose what you already have in your hands when i look back in the future i was enjoying life buth i didnt think about that

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