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neck/back/head pain?

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are these pains occurring in other people? DP/DR related perhaps? it hurts to turn my head now and i really think im just ggonna start taking to many aleves or something? anyone else have this and how did you get rid of it?(if you did). sometimes it feels like a cramp in the backof my head on the left side.


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Most ppl just throw all that in the category of headpressure. Headaches, tension in head, neck, shoulders, muscle spasms in your face and head, feeling of eye strain headaches for no reason, ect...All this always gets worse for me when I have a lot of anxiety or haven't exercised for a while. For some reason when I don't exercise I start to feel so tense I actually have to in order to ease these crazy symptoms. I'm feeling good of late just working hard and living life, that's why I haven't posted in a while. Try not to focus on the things you can't do and just force yourself to do what you can. You'll be surprised what you can still accomplish. I'm not saying you are, but being lazy with hppd is the worse thing you can do (I know all about it you'll spiral into a deep depression). You have to force yourself outside your comfort zone and eventually you'll get used to it and even enjoy life again!! I was going to get disability, but I'm so glad I decided to work instead. Nothing like coming home after a hards day of work and just relaxing not thinking about hppd but rather what your plans are for the weekend w/ your extra income.

Somedays it's hard as hell to force yourself up and out of the house but once you get going there's no time for hppd

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For me these tensions and pains are related to my jaw.. But its still difficult to figure out where they come from since i can almost every day find some new stretch that relives the pain for a short time.. Sometimes its my arms that i tense so much because of anxiety.. But i think also that it might be because how we react to light.. Because of the distortions that we are not adjusted to react to, we tense our eyes more than normal people.. Tense our eyes when we really dont need to.. And when i do it, it makes us tense our jaws as well.. So try to massage, relax and stretch your jaw, or try to keep it in a relaxed position, and see if it helps.. then maybe its connected..

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