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Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation - where can I find this treatment in Europe?


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A friend of mine, told me his doctors thoughts about HPPD. He thinks that drugs or other things could have created a problem in the permeability of the encephalic barrier (blood-brain-barier?) and that it could then allow for the virus or other pathogens to enter the brain. I don't know exactly what he said, but the general idea is something along those lines.

He advised my friend to do UVBI which is Ultraviolet Blood Irridation:



(on the sidenote, we both probably will try it next month, will report you on that)

What i read about it is: your blood is withdrawn, treated with UV light and returned to your bloodstream. This causes some kind of immune reaction (due to dead pathogen possibly) and there are tons of various claims about it, which obvioulsy we can't be sure of yet.


This theory of a virus/something else being in the brain goes well with the cases of people having HPPD and candida, lyme disease or having their HPPD caused by antibiotics even.. and also it makes sense when taking into consideration people who reported beneficial effect with drugs/supplements that improve immune system, gluten free diets (which allows Blood-brain-barrier to recover).


I decided to check some studies about it and it looks good:

[An initial experience of extracorporeal irradiation of the blood in heart surgery patients].

Positive clinical effect was observed in 8 patients, 4 patients recovered completely.
[involvement of hemoglobin in the therapeutic action of blood ultraviolet irradiation].
"It was shown that ultraviolet irradiation causes photodissociation ofoxyhemoglobin thereby altering the oxygen-carrying function of the blood and improving oxygen supply to cells and tissues."
[The efficacy of the extracorporeal ultraviolet irradiation of autologous blood in the treatment of chronic nonspecific lung diseases].
 The paper presents the results of treating patients with chronic nonspecific diseases of the lung by the use of extracorporeal ultraviolet autoblood irradiation (EUVABI). The marked clinical effect recorded after an EUVABI course coincided with the normalization of an erythrocytic membrane morphoform, which suggests that the severity of allergic and inflammatory reactions was liquidated and blood viscosity was improved.
[Effectiveness of extracorporeal ultraviolet blood irradiation in treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis in pulmonary tuberculosis]. 
...  has demonstrated a positive effect of the photo-modified autoblood on the course of COB. The findings have suggested that the magnitude of clinical symptoms of COB was nearly halved, the forced expiratory volume per second increased, the counts of stab neutrophils and lymphocytes and erythrocyte sedimentation rate became normal. Analysing the bacterial isolation rate showed a significant decrease in the number of Mycobacteria tuberculosis detected by luminescence microscopy after a session of EXUVBR.
[The clinico-immunological characteristics of bronchial asthma patients undergoing autologous ultraviolet blood irradiation].
 Ultraviolet irradiation of blood studied in 201 patients with various forms of bronchial asthma proved to be the most effective in "aspirin" and infectious-allergic forms of the disease. Analysis of immunological changes showed that ultraviolet irradiation of blood brings to the norm content of IgG in serum, influence beneficially quantity and functional activity of T-lymphocytes, reduces auto-immunization and sensibilization to Streptococcus.
 [Effectiveness of extracorporeal ultraviolet blood irradiation in patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis]
 With EUVBR, most patients exhibited normal temperatures, less signs of intoxication and coughing, and rare rale in the lung than in the controls. A most objective criterion for the efficiency of EUVBR was a marked increase in the forced expiratory volume per sec after the first 3 procedures, which improved the patients' condition, diminished exercise-induced dyspnea. The hemogram of the patients undergone EUVBR in combination with antibiotic therapy indicated a substantial drop in erythrocyte sedimentation rates following the first 3 procedures. The growth of pathogenic and opportunistic microbes from the sputum showed a great (10-fold) reduction when EUVBR and antibiotic therapy were concurrently used. The findings suggest that EUVBR has high therapeutical benefits in the treatment of COB.
If you would like to add something, please post it and I will paste it into the top post.

I was actually afraid of what I'd find, that this UVBI treatment is another magical device that cures everything in some unexplained way - but after reading these few studies it looks more legit to me.

If you like this way of researching new drugs/treatments and feel like joining us in our project to help so we can find the solutions more efficiently, please e-mail: hppd90@wp.pl
here you can read more about the project: http://www.evernote.com/l/AbRcywcu-55EIYDeDPUG3GLpBqsd1cRmkHc/
We need every help we can get and I mean it. There is a lot do ahead of us.
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