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I got Naltrexon at home, should I try it?

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One guy on facebook group stated his anxiety/depersonalization improved after taking naltrexone, since day 1.
Then there is those studies about Nalexon which is also opioid receptor antagonist (however in injectable form).




"Depersonalization disorder

Naltrexone is sometimes used in the treatment of depersonalization disorder. While studies have suggested it is less effective than naloxone for treating depersonalization, naloxone is impractical for daily use because it must be injected intravenously. A small (12 patients), open label, non-controlled 2005 naltrexone study demonstrated an improvement in 4 patients of depersonalization symptoms, as measured by 3 validated dissociation scales.[14]"


I only worry cause im sensitive to all drugs, I have a feeling they affect me for long time if not longterm. (same way as every time i take recreational drugs, my hppd gets worse for like weeks/months/sometimes for good, depending on a drug).

Last time I tried Naltrexon for 2 days, i got serious sudden twitches of hands/legs at night - brain zaps? So i stopped it, but mabe I should try again with lower dose. Havent felt any effect on my HPPD. (I don't feel strictly depersonalized, more like my brain is a jelly when it comes to thinking and remembering stuff, but i guess that contributes a bit to some degree of depersonalization).


My main question is: how long does it take for this drug to work - if I don't see effects straight away like the mentioned guy, is there a point to keep taking the drug? If yes, then does anybody know why some drugs take long time to work?



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Shoot! I'd try if I wasn't on Keppra that has fixed my DP/DR.


I'm not sure about dosage but you should follow the study if you want to try it out. And do it in a safe enviroment.


Research is great! The theory is that DP/DR patients may have an overload of the body's own opioids which gives the sense of numbness and dissociation. Naltrexone should stop this by acting as an opioid-antagonist.

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I wanna make a separate post about it in future, but in the mean time i will just ask quickly.. what if HPPD is caused (because it is) by different things/drugs/hormone imbalances/lymes etc...

How do we know, that I have an opioid overload? The drugs that fucked me up the most were MDMA, LSD (those two, 6-7 years ago) and within last 2 years: Ibogaine, Magic Mushrooms (in chocolate form, from amsterdam. - my polish fellow called it Truffle (?)), also took xanaxes and valium about 20-25 times, which I think left a scar on me - the tolerance build up was very fast and later on I had to take large doses of it to feel the calming effect. (maybe they "depleted me from GABA" or something along those lines?)

So, did any of this substances could cause the opioid overload, from any logic point of view? I don't know a lot about neurochemistry, hence I am asking.

Once again I will remind - Naltrexon didn't make me feel any different after taking it 2 times.

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We don't know that. I don't think Naltrexone works on our DP/DR as it seems seperated from the real one. Naltrexone is effective for patients with real depersonalization. Just because our symptoms are close enough, doesn't mean that it's the same psychological illness. Keppra works for us, not for people with "chronic" DP/DR. Only that fact is interesting enough for me to question the whole DP/DR symptom that often comes with HPPD. The opioid overload theory is based on where you have enourmous levels of anxiety, you body saves you from pain by increasing the opioid levels in your body. So it creates a shell of numbness to protect your anatomical parts such as heart, stomach and head from physical pain.


Thanks for sharing.

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