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Hello, I'm "all fucked up"


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Hello everyone, I'm exited that this website exists. I don't even know if anyone will read this, but I'm all fucked up. I have horrible hppd that has been plaguing me for a year and a half now. Peoples faces look cloudy, I can barley remember them unless they are someone I see every week. Regularly I will see geometric shapes that are translucent and colored, Sutch as large rectangles that stretch and phase off surfaces, but it's mainly lines and color smudges always dirtying my vision. things get smaller and bigger all the time, and when they shrink they give off vibes. It is worst at night. I was a fool and extensively abused many phycadelics about a year and a half ago. Mainly the nbome series and that was for 4 months at doses of 2-5mg. But tolerance kicked in and I started going for more exotic combinations, Sutch as 4 aco dmt, nbome and mdma. My favorite was just plain shrooms and lsd. During those 4 months not a day went by when I was not in a supertrip. I severely regret my actions. I quit everything when I got my hands on N,N Dmt and smoked it like weed for a week. After that I have not been the same. Is there any way to help ease this madness? I usually just carry it along with me every day. Emotions affect it.

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I agree man, my theory is that it is Sutch a strong 5h receptor antagonist that when you quit sustained use you go through sort of a withdraw... But it's a trippy withdraw... Because your 5h receptor gets used to being bombarded, and when you quit it's all riled up and that leads to hallucinating, the day after I used to trip on that shit I would be hppd free...then it gradually comes back on like it's all out of my system and the receptor dosent know what to do

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