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What's up guys, I was bored and made another stupid decision earlier when I was kinda high, took I'd say 4 big sips of zzzquil. I felt absolutely amazing for hours, just really relaxed and muscles were chilled out. I was definetly high, the main ingredient in it is known to make people trip balls if taken too much of. I wanted to hear what's your guys thoughts are or experiences with zzzquil or something like that. I woke up and yes, my HPPD was worse, but not enough to bother me that bad. After images were really strong, visual static was hoeing always is (annoying) and motion trails stayed the same.

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It's probably benedryl.  Be careful I've seen people really lose their shit permanently from intentionally ODing on benedryl at work (psych ward).  Tylenol PM is a common one to OD on and it's one of the worst choices.  It usually doesn't kill you and the benedryl fries your brain while the tylenol destroys your liver. 

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