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My worst hallucinations - anyone can relate?

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Been thinking about this for a while when i had my worsening for six years ago. When i was at the hospital and trying to go to bed i had these weird hallucinations, They weren't pattern based but very transient. So i layed down trying to sleep. All of a sudden i was like a chopper was hovering over my head. Not literally but like something i think people can get from fever.


The other one, which was SO weird, i had my eyes closed not tired or about to fall asleep. Blue mushrooms in the shape of psilocibe semilceanta was painted in front of my eyes. Like on a canvas. I get the patterns etc. but these were so weird.


Another symptom i got was this really werid pitched sound from people talking when i passed them. Like smurfs or disney cartoons.


Just wanna know if anyone had anything crazy like this. At my onset, when my HPPD were still mild i had these transient hallucinations like seing figurins both in CEV and OEV but not as crazy when it worsened. I do however think that these transient symptoms would have disappeared a month after and only increased static/seizure like stuff would remained if i got off the meds now.

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Sounds like pretty strong CEV:s, lately this week I've experienced CEV:s before going to bed where shadows are moving, changes of light. Some blue light. When HPPD started I had like super-intense stuff such as swirls of colours and shapes of weird objects. I got myself blinded a few times by the self-light to my eyes. Which means that the self-light got so bright that it hurt my eyes even though I had my eyes fully closed.

And I got a vortex looking galaxy object, similar to this but not as intense once: http://s3.amazonaws.com/dk-production/images/72437/large/TD10.jpg?1394476531


So, yeah I guess it happens. I've heard reports and I have personally experienced this that if you think about something, the visual snow or CEV:s can turn into that object. So maybe you were thinking of for example shrooms and they appeared?

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