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Test Subjects for HPPD Research


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Interesting that EyeOnVision features children in the fund raising.  That is always the most effective way to get people to open their wallets.  Kind of like politicians kissing babies.


Perhaps we should attempt the theme: "Children with HPPD".  By finding very young people with this disorder and writing their stories and needs ... perhaps that would help.  But the energy needs to be channeled to 'find the cure', not 'say no to drugs'.



There really is a stigma with drug induced problems.  People wink at you if you smoke an occasional joint or whatever.  But if you get caught in a scandal or get sick, then some get shunned.  Certainly no one smiles any more.  Its like 'lecher gets clap' ... they don't get sympathy, let alone money.


Illnesses have always carried a stigma.  Thus there have been years of movements to try to remove the 'shame' of major depression.  Yet one idiot flies a jet into the mountains and now depressed people are scared that they are going to be discriminated against.


HPPD is a disorder - an illness.  Complete with stigma.  Add government red-tape regarding schedule 1 drugs, and it becomes an uphill battle.


Those with the same illness but not drug induced (such as visual snowers) are in a better position to get help.  Add some children and money starts to flow.  We do well to piggy-back on their effort.


That said, whether one feels positive or negative regarding the man, the efforts of Dr Abraham are significant.  Thou a thorny topic, he has done much to establish the 'existence' of HPPD and show that changes have happened in brain function.  Aside from a book being published, does anyone know of people carrying on his work?

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If we haven't heard of anyone then assume no one.

Please stop with the stigma song and dance. We are still people stuck with a horrible affliction that need help. Anyone who doesn't have the capacity to empathize and understand is a lowlife scumbag in my book. There are good folks out there that would sooner look at ye problem as a challenge not some stupid self deserving fate. We just have to reach out and educate them on the work Dr.A and David have done!

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