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Report: study I did on taking vyvanse and marijuana


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Hey all, I decided since my HPPD is mild I would, for science, take these drugs and give a report.

Cannabis- nothing noticeably bad during the high, however very much increased visual static for about 11 or 15 hours afterwards. Specifaclly in the dark as well. Opinion: isn't gonna do anything permanent with extremely moderated use but not recommended. Will probably have long lasting negative effects of not moderate.

Vyvanse - no real increase in visual sympotms. However, I have mild HPPD and could be worse with people who have it worse than me. Should be fine to take though. If it bothers you, don't take it again. If not, moderate it.

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drugs affect people differently . 


For instance, if you have ADD/ADHD, stimulants such as Adderall and Vyvanse (arent they like the same thing almost?) have a calming and focused effect on adhd,


but for "normal" people, it affects like cocaine (i think)


everyones brain is different, people react to weed differently 

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My HPPD was mild until it wasn't. I don't remember the specific moment it happened. So beware. I was able to function taking drugs for more than a year. Then I wasn't able to function while taking drugs, but if I did went sober.. then I was able to function. Now I'm not able to function and I'm not taking any drugs.

I will put my experiences:

2-cb: Worst of all. Tiredness, physical aspects (related to those you feel on those 2-cb, but mild) and colorful and big static. The mind was in a bad state. Always. Recovered in a couple weeks. Other 2c-x make the symptoms worse, but 2c-b was especially bad.

LSD: Worse symptoms. Not a lot, but worse. In a few weeks, almost baseline.

Amphetamines: Didn't fuck much with me in a mental state, even improved my mental symptoms if I was coming from alcohol or 2c-b. Longer trails though.

Modafinil: Longer trails. It seemed to mess with me mentally. Worse than amphetamines.

Alcohol: Very bad brain fog. Worse in almost all areas. More static, much worse palinopsia.. I used to be baseline (previous symptoms) in one or two weeks. Now 1-2 months, at least.

Nbomes: The drug that caused the HPPD. Didn't do much to worse it. It caused me to be fucked up intellectually though. That is reported by people who took the drug and didn't have HPPD though.

DMT: Interestingly it didn't make me go worse.

5-meo-dmt: Worse symptoms, but not as bad as 2c-b.

Ketamine: Very bad. Definitely a no-go like 2c-b. I had sounds, physical symptoms like loosing control of my hands, and realistic hallucinations. That's days later. The effects dissipated fast though.

MDMA: Worse visuals, not much more. The effects of the drug are intensified and are not comfortable.

Weed: The same as with MDMA.

Caffeine: Now it affects me way more than before.

Salvia: Worse symptoms.

Cocaine: I didn't notice much, I didn't spent much money on this one though. And the purity, you know..

MDPV: Worse symptoms. But it's a very shitty drug and only took it one time.

Opioids: No problem with those. Only tried codeine and opium though.

DXM: Worse symptoms. Plus shitty drug.

Anesthesia: Didn't notice much, if anything.

Tobacco: Worse symptoms, but I smoke maybe one day in three months... So I can't attribute it to HPPD itself. Fast recovery.

That's the ones that I remember now. But most drugs make symptoms noticeably worse. And the ones that don't, I doubt are helping to achieve recovery.

Take all my descriptions with almost null value. I put them so other people can relate or not to my experiences. Some of them are when my HPPD was mild or even very low, and others are when it was beginning to be worse.

If I took any of those drugs today.. I would probably put them in a very bad position. Alcohol initially wasn't that bad, and now I would prefer to be hit with a bat than to take one beer.

Wow, thanks for this. Do you remember how much DXM you took? I just now took 80mg, not enough to make someone trip but whenever I take NyQuil I take a little more than I'm supposed to. im surprised you could take so many drugs while having HPPD. Did you just stop because it started being really bad out of no where?

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