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worlds first imaging study of the Brain on LSD

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The more psychedelic consumption is encouraged (taking in consideration that most of what's sold nowadays are RCs and not actual LSD-25), there's a higher risk of people developing HPPD, which would be extremely detrimental, but indirectly beneficial for them and for us as an entire community. It'll be a disorder that'll be taken more seriously.


I'm just 9 months in and I had never felt so horrible in my entire life.

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thats very true.


Im sorry to hear you are feeling so bad with this. I really do hope things pick up for you soon.


It bizzare how many of these video are encouraging psychadelics. One of them was entitled "Become a billionaire through the use of LSD"  implying that it gives poeople acess to ideas that can develop into mulit million dollar companys etc ..

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Looks like internet marketers found a relatively new and growing niche, I knew I fell for that "expand your mind; change your perception" crap. And it actually truly did.  <_<

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