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Starbursting new to me

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Have any of you experienced a worsening of starbursting with a recurrence of HPPD? I never had that symptom before when I first had HPPD many many years ago. I was seemingly free of symptoms for years and like an idiot, smoked weed again for "old times sake". Few weeks after developed light sensitivity, start bursting (especially of sun reflections and headlights), more pixelated vision, trails, afterimages.

Trying not to focus on the visuals in hopes they will slowly resolve. Been 2 months now with minimal to no improvement. Is it possible to bounce back?? Has anyone had starbursting go away?

Obviously not smoking, or even drinking (which is usually a favorite pastime).

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No idea, but I got starburst from the street lights all the way down to the street. So meter long ones. It doesn't change. I don't care to much about it any more. HPPD for 8 months. Starbursting is the same. Keppra doesn't help it. Alcohol makes me forget about it during night-time.

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