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I am coming to a point In This disorder where I not only beleive but know I am close to the end, no more suffering. I have found my own way to heal, I used to think there would be some medicine I could take, some herb, or do some technique to help me heal, I was wrong. The only way I know to heal is by taking absolutely nothing, I used to take herbs, nootropics, vitamins and supplements all with no affect, just my symptoms becoming worse. I do not drink caffeine, have large amounts of sugar, do not smoke, vape, or eat crap. My visuals get lesser by the day and I am seeing almost as clearly as I do before this whole ordeal My depersonalization is also almost gone, many days I have absolutely none. I all had to do this whole time was get the right amount of sleep and eat the right things, how could it have been so simple. I listen to more music now, it feels good, I can actually feel it now it's not just a bunch of sounds. Have you ever heard "comfortably numb" by pink Floyd? It's gotten me past my hardest times, I'm completely convinced it's about depersonalization. In sorry if you are still suffering, even when I'm completely recovered I'll have the memories to deal with for the rest of my life but if I have gotten past this I can get past that to. What in trying to say is you can't expect there to be a way out of everything, some things there's only 1 way to deal with. Only about 1 out of 10 people have found a medicine that helps them and 1 out of 1000 completely recovered because of that medication. I wish you all luck, and I hope you see that if I can recover you can to

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