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i know masturbation has been discussed before but I have noticed every single time I can't handle the urge and fap I have an immediate change in mood for the entire day, my visuals get worse, and I get a headache of varying intensity. I understand that it has to do with serotonin, honestly I'm starting to think it delays recovery so I'm not going to for a while, sorry about the grossness

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Doesn't have to have anything at all to do with serotonin at all. That's just one of the many neurotransmitters that we got in our brain. And there are some theories out there. In fact sex is mainly dopamine related. You're probably just depressed or anxious, it can develop into loss or increase of libido. HPPD have some symptoms that's well documented and known. I think it's time that we have to realize that we got HPPD+all the others stuff that normal people gets too and this is probably one of them. We can't put us in a corner where we blame HPPD for everything and it's just too common these days. You'll be fine. Stop jerking off, it's bad for your brain and it empties your dopamine levels which can make you feel even more depressed. Get a girl so you can balance it out better ;) Good luck man!

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