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A Long 9 Months


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Hello there friends ^.^ I'm Rae, and I'm basically here to maybe learn what I can about this condition and empathize with others who suffer similarly. I've done a bit of my own research personally on HPPD, however there isn't too much about it scientifically online (which is the route I typically prefer to go with freelance studying) so I've turned to go a more personal route. It's nice to have found this site. The friends I have and hang out with don't have as many notable symptoms as I do so it's hard for them to understand.. let alone hear about it. I hope you guys are more understanding and open to what I have to say.


I started my regular LSD use in early August. August 7th, 2014, to be exact actually. Before then I had taken mushrooms a handful of times, 25i once, and bunk tabs otherwise but never actually got my hands on any pure L. After that point in time, I began taking it once a week at least. Sometimes more, but never exceeding 3 times. Once or twice in the span of 7 days. I don't think I've gone 7-10 days + without consuming it since then.. to be honest. So it's been a minute, I can easily say I've acquainted quite well with the drug.


I think I began to realize my HPPD symptoms about 2-3 months into my binge. At that point in time, (not all at once, trust me; I mixed drugs occasionally and still do but this is an extensive list) I had also been smoking copious amounts of marijuana, drinking alcohol, eating mushrooms, taking MDMA, MDA, 4-AcO-DMT, DMT, MXE, MXP, Ayahuasca, Diphenhydramine, 25i, Adderall, Ketamine, and 5-MAPB. I know, I know, it's pretty bad.. I do admit that. So it makes complete and utter sense that I'd have signs of HPPD. At this point in time though I'm on reporting probation so I no longer can consume amphetamines, marijuana, or alcohol. Probably a good thing.


My signs of HPPD began with purple streaks. I see purple and have been seeing purple, especially at night all over the ground and on the sides of buildings, for probably 6 months or more. Also, I see faces in things like wood or bark, and if I look at tile or any sort of funky pattern for too long it starts swirling and warping around. There's also these funny little orbs in my vision if I focus on them. Not like the little floaters, I get those too, these I can just tell are my brain playing tricks on me. If I'm at a show (which I go to raves and concerts just about every weekend) or hanging out with some of my friends and a light is shone into my eyes, it stays there for a little while. Legitimately will not go away and when it does, of course it can't be simple, it fades very slowly. Oh! And it seems as if every pair of headlights that is coming toward me at night has their brights on.. it gets terribly annoying.


My drug use now is more of just LSD, 4-AcO-DMT, MXE, and DMT. I still take LSD nearly every weekend. I always wonder now what long term effects most of these things are going to have on my brain when I'm older.. since most RC's have hardly any scientific information online on what it's doing to your brain (hence research chemical). Anyhow, I'm done with my novel of a post now.. thank you for reading. I hope to get to know some of you very soon! x

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Sobriety (especially all pychoactives), is key if you're interested in getting better!  I too see purple streaks of light (mostly at night while driving) and faces in tree bark.  Weird, I'm not sure I've seen anybody else mention those things on here...  



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