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Why my life is normal ag


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Hey HPPD'ers, figured I could shine some light.

The first thing my consciousness placed into reality was that not only do we have this disorder, possibly forever, we were bound to have this disorder. Chances are everyone of us would take psychedelics again if we weren't plagued by HPPD. This was going to happen to us, inevitably, as part of our life cycle.

Secondly, it's not the end of the world. I live my life day by day just like I did before, visuals or no. They are there, just like you, but, it doesn't bother me. Why? Because they are supposed to be there. Because I took hallucinogens and put them there myself. So, in the same way my brain phases out my nose from my vision, the sooner I stopped thinking about it, the less I noticed them. (The less I saw stuff!)

And lastly, I dealth with DP/DR at possibly it's highest level, borderline insane. Reality was faded, I was behind a dirty glass panel and couldn't think clearly. Understand DP/DR is NOT an illness. It's not like HPPD. It's part of your sunconscious, and is caused by anxiety, but mostly thinking about it. So next time you find yourself slipping, ignore it, don't even think about it. Watch tv play a game. And most importantly, know it will go away. Eventually with enough practice of ignoring it, even though it's there, it will be gone, and will never return. It's in your head. Love derailed for a time and accept it, be depersonalized. Be happy you are alive. Live with it and ignore it. Then it's gone.

Have a wonderful life HPPD people :)

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