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movment of the floor after running outside


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The floor moves crazy in dept after 10 min running outside i was very scared i thought it wil never stop buth after going home was normal hppd again ik sport 5 times in the week in the fitness center there its dont happen there after 1 hour training geth my hppd littel wors on the way back home

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Ive been going to the gym for 4 or 5 months solely for the treadmill and I quit this month because it made my tinnitus worse and my visuals to. It gets you a little clear headed from time to time but it's not worth it to me, solely in my opinion

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Well, without medication the floor splits in two layers with one floating on top of the other. And that is 24/7 so glad that you haven't got that going for you. But i know what you mean, i used to have that when my HPPD wasn't severe. Know i only get slight light sensitivty for an hour or two post heavy barbell lifts.

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