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Article Briefly Mentions HPPD


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Always good that an article mentions HPPD.  Also, we now know there is a doctor Charles Grob doing hallucinogen research.  Have you heard of him?


The article publishes the same message that alcohol is the biggest evil - but at least it does clearly state that the statistics are skewed.  Certainly people hurt themselves with alcohol, but it is the only legal high.  Curiously, cell phone use while driving is classified as dangerous as driving drunk in terms of causing accidents (fatal and nonfatal)


In the end I question the motives of people promoting that drugs aren't all that dangerous.  And that hallucinogens are the safest ?!?  They speak in terms of deaths but damaged function is far more prevalent than people admit.  For the most part, unless a heavy user gets something like HPPD, they are often not even aware of what they have done to themselves.  After reading the endless stream of personal accounts on forums for years - clearly death isn't the only bad thing that can happen with drug use.


Ironically, by making drugs illegal, a whole violent underground has flourished.  It is no different that what Prohibition did is building powerful mobs.


In the end, hopefully people will take HPPD more seriously

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Studying music, the 60-70,s deaths often started with the "safe" drugs like marijuana and LSD, the reckless use made the artists have everything from anxiety to schizoprenia, leading to abuse of alcohol, tranqualizer and heroin and in the end, death (OD or suicide by substances). HPPD or not, "safe" drugs often lead to reckless use and psychological and neurological issues are bound to happen to a lot of people.

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