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Hey guys.  Just another update since I've been on 1000mg x2 day for a month now.  Really no negative side effects, except for maybe slightly more drowsy than I've always been.   I pay $40 for a month and a half supply (without insurance), so don't plan on stopping. 


On average I'd say I have about a 35% reduction in symptoms of Brain Fog, Anxiety, and DP/DR - this varies day to day though and some days I feel completley normal.  The days when I feel really shitty are few and far between.  Haven't experienced a panic attack in months, when before it was a few times per month.  Thinking and focus is definitley more clear and overall, I just feel more comfotable in my own body.


Also, I take Klonopin 3x a week (anywhere between .5-1.5mg, depending on the situation(s) of the day).  On these days I would say I'm 70% back to my normal self.  Also worth mentioning I drink a few times a week (usually 3-4 drinks) and still smoke weed on occasion (maybe 2-3 times a month).


As for visuals, they're still there if I look for them but not bothersome. 


As I've told many of my friends, I feel like I'm coming out of a 4 year personal hell. 


That's all.  In anything changes I'll be sure to let you know.  Cheers, good luck, and try Keppra if you can!!



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Final Update:


Not too much of a difference from last post, but figured I'd do one more since there are some slight changes in dosages.


Keppra:  Didn't notice a significant difference in switching from 1500mg to 2000mg, besides slightly more drowsy.  So, recently dropped back down to 1500mg a day (500mg in the morning and 1000mg at night).  Been on Keppra now for almost 6 months and would say I notice a 30% reduction in symptoms - mainly Brain Fog, Anxiety and DP/DR (don't notice visuals as much either and when I do, could really care less). 


Klonopin:  Have been taking as needed like I did with Xanax the previous 3 years, and will continue to do so.  On average, this comes out to about 7 .5mg pills 3x a week but obsiously varies depending on my activities for the week.  Calculated this because I go through 30 a month and really try to limit to 3x a week.  May have a 5 day period (because of work, travel, etc.) where I take 2 .5mg pills a day, but won't take any the following week (notice some rebound anxiety and increased DP/DR at about day 3, but nothing worse than what I experienced when I first noticed symptoms of HPPD, before I started any medication).  On days where I take Klonopin, I notice a 70%-100% reduction in symptoms.


Other:   Completely stopped smoking weed (been a month now) and can say it's for the better.  I excerices regularly (mostly surfing, walking long distances, and occasinal backpacking trips) and this always makes me feel better.  I eat pretty healthy (pescetarian diet - lots of fish, vegetables, tofu, etc. and almost no junk food).  Plan on getting back into mediation, as I remember it greatly improving my quality of mind when I did so heavily 10 years ago.  Also, I still like drinking but try to limit to 3x a week (not a heavy drinker, may have 2-3 at a time, unless I'm at a party in which case I may have 5 or so)


Conclusion:  I've found the combo of meds that works for me and feel pretty normal on a day to day basis, so plan on continuing this long-term.  I'm completely open with my neurologist and he's extremley supportive (although he thinks I should take Klonopin everyday).  The other stuff is pretty obvious and you see it all over these boards (stop all pyschoactive drugs including weed, eat healthy, exercise, meditate, play music, read, socialize, keep yourself occupied with healthy activity!) 


Once again, cheers and good luck!!

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