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anyone have hppd caused by migraines?


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I'm new. Just posted my introduction. Yes I tried hallucinogens a few times in 92-95 and yes I've used medical marijuana off and on with no lingering or significant visual problems. I do have a lot of other physical symptoms that seem endocrine, neurological, and autoimmune in nature, but still no solid diagnosis to tie things together.

I'm wondering if any of you were diagnosed with it as a result of chronic migraines or neurological disorders such as Parkinson's or endocrine disruption dealing with your kidneys and adrenals?

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I dreamt that there was evidence on the table that having HPPD for a long time would affect your brain into some kind of cancerous state. And these guys like if everyone knew what HPPD was, was asking me: "What!? Didn't you know that?, It eats your brain over the decades that will pass". I also became bold. So now I've faced my worst fears in my dreams, I can continue to live my life without expecting the worst.

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