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Detecting Abnomalities


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The ongoing debate of what this condition is lingers.

Is it brain damage?

Maybe it's all psychological?

Perhaps our chi is blocked?

Hard to say but I do know what my triggers are for the most part and try to avoid them.

One of the worst are a class of antibiotics that effect mitochondria. Studies are being conducted on doxycycline as a cheap and readily therapeutic to fight cancer as it destroys mitochondria in cancer cells.

This antibiotic also increase my symptoms quite horribly which got me thinking that there's a connection.

Assuming there is, I suppose there is currently no way to detect mitochondrial damage. I'm no scientist and know little to nothing as compared to some of you but I thought this important enough to share with the group. Perhaps there's something to what I've mentioned perhaps not but in my many years trapped on this board I've never seen this theory postulated.


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