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spine surgery

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Hi guys,

Some of you would agree for brain surgery. I respect that, I know what hell is.

I'm desperate too. I have defect of the spine, I feel uncomfortable in my body, it has big impact on my mental state and I started seriously thinking about the surgery. The thing is it will be hard to find a doc who will perform a surgery of my spine,

In what country should I start seeking. There must be a place where everything is possible, any suggestions?

I'm certain that is my only chance to recovery

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OK, that's what I thought. Just go for it I guess. Don't let HPPD stand in your way of treating other issues. It's not an auto-immune system illness so it shouldn't hinder you.

I have some other physical problems too which I'm trying to fix and I'm not getting HPPD get in my way for it. One thing is that I will try a floaters only vitrectomy for my floaters. Anesthesia is required but it should be fine.

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Thanks for cheering me up but none of docs doesn't want to do the surgery, that's the issue.
Besides I have to find a surgeon abroad because it's quite expensive here.



What a shame. I'm kind of it the same situation, the eye doctors can't help me with my floaters here in Sweden. If they would, it would still be too dangerous and I'd risk getting a cataract. Cataracts with HPPD woudn't be too fun.

So I'll have to go to the best specialist regarding FOV:s which is based in England. And it's roughly 4500 pounds for an eye.

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