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Any tips for dealing with brain fog?


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I still have pretty bad visuals, mostly after image and visual snow, along with streaks of light and what not but those are ignorable a lot of the time.

I know the best way to deal with brain fog is to not think about it, but sometimes I can't help but think to. Like it's reminding me it's their. Any coping strategies? I hope this goes away. :(

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I deal with brain fog too... I think stress really sets it off.  Anxiety too...


Maintaining a low stress environment as much as possible is key.  You might try meditation as well.

Some supplements seem to help a little bit... in particular a vitamin B complex.

Also you want to make sure you are getting a good night's sleep.  Not too much though... which can have the opposite effect.


I started Wellbutrin a month or so ago- I'm still on a low dose as I couldn't tolerate an increase.  Doesn't do much for the depression that I can tell but it is helping my brain fog a bit I think.  It's used for ADHD in adults sometimes.


Hope some of this helps :)

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