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cured/ symptom free Klonopin/Keppra/SSRI

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Yes thats correct, I am currently symptom free and if not cured 90% cured,


I have been taking Klonopin for the past 5 years, Keppra for the past 5 years and, an Ssri that i changed kinds cipralex for 2 years, zaloft for 3 years,


Klonopin killed my anxiety, Keppra killed my DR/DP, and SSRI just took away the depression,


the only issue still at hand but i have dealt with this by myself is the visual's such a blurry vision from time to time, and some after images.


My previous and current dosage is: 2MG of klonopin once a day, 500mg of Keppra, and 50mg of zaloft, ALL once a day once I wake up, and no i don't know if this will work for you, nor do i encourage you to take those medications, I spoke to my doctor about everything before i did it and thats how i took my medcine,

please dont follow my method thinking you will be cured, you need to see a doctor and get the medications that are right for you,


Im just sharing my experience and trying to give some info, anyone else on the same meds ?

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Um youre not cured no offence , your just on a shit load of meds, you are managing your symptoms would be a more appropriate title , the problem is klonopin will bottom out and then it stops working was on it for 6 yrs man not to mention eat rips the shit out of your memory , keppra is so toxic to the kidneys i had alot of pain in the end and coulndt even take it , i dont mean to sounf harsh and im glad that you can manage for now but my question is what happens when you cant take all those meds anymore? you cant take benzos forever thats what i as faced with and it was hell to come off klonopin although can be done with time successfully .


Glad you have some relief but i hope your thinking long term the only thing that kept me sane when i had to come of those meds was praying to God . im serious it was that bad.


god bless.

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