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An anti-epileptic racetam, 10 times more potent than Keppra


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I've been following brivaracetam for a while now. Hopefully it'll come onto the market within the next couple of years. It has shown promising results in studies.


That article is quite old. There's been 7 years of research into it since then. The latest press release from UCB came out one month ago: http://www.ucb.presscentre.com/News/UCB-announces-first-presentation-of-primary-data-from-latest-Phase-3-study-evaluating-brivaracetam-a-4b0.aspx


But no one has tried it yet (apart from those in clinical trials). It is not on the market and is not available anywhere to buy. It won't be until UCB release it.


What they are talking about in that thread is piracetam, which is quite different in how it works. Piracetam is quite easy to get hold of because you don't need it to be prescribed in many countries.


In any case, as soon as it is available, I will be looking to get it prescribed straight away.

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Yeah those sources are definitely playing with fire (especially with HPPD). Honestly I'd just wait it out until UCB product comes out. Even discounting those types of sources, I've noticed differences in the effectiveness of generic and brand (Keppra) levetiracetam. How long have you been on Keppra for?

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Keppra sounds as if it is promising for you then. You are lucky in the sense that many don't get any relief at all. I find 750mg per day the minimum effective dose (combined with another med). It does nothing for my visuals but greatly helps chronic pain that I associate with HPPD.


There are some flaws in that study which I've commented on previously but it is useful to print out and show your doc if you need a prescription.

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