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Improvement with Sulpirida/Dogmatil

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Hi people,

I wanted to ask if somebody had tryed that medication, Sulpirida, or other neuroleptic, and had have the same success than me.

Sulpirida is the first neuroleptic that have been used for mental disorder's patients, in the older "madhouses" of France.

I know, the majority of us are dissapointed with neuroleptics, that can to make things worse, and I thought that. Last summer, one day I wanted a benzo and I for mistake, I caught a neuroleptic (called Etumina) and first I was raged, but then felt OK, no brain fog, visuals reduced.. so maybe could be a way? I thought.

I gone to phsychiatrist last week, because my family were seeing me saddy, and I hadn't nothing to lost. Waiting a doctor that wouldn't believe me, I get surprised when after hear all of my history, he said to my mum that I could "have" HPPD, although he never had hear some about that.

Then, he said, under my point of view, one stupid thing. I could get cured touching a neuroleptic. First, I wanted to discuss for not touch, saying that hppd is a chronic condition... but my mum can't think that and I supposed, why not to try, If I get fucked, I only had to stop the med.

I'm in my 6 day of HPPD treatment (LOL) and for my surprise, almost of my symptoms are lifted. Brain fog better, visuals are still there but can't notice them, etc. OMG. And is not placebo, I know the same of good that you how fucking is hppd.

The bad think is that a neuroleptic should't been taking more than few months and the lybido is gone for buy potatoes (a joke) but maybe, if you only just want to get a little time to order your thoughts.... If there exist a long-term med that does that effects, it would be fantastic.

I'm not advicing to took that, only sharing my experience. Take care, José.

I'm taking x3 daily, one after each lunch.


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Hi, people. I'm doing really better. Not full cured, but in comparison with the start of my hppd, I feel almost normal. I started the gym ago three weeks, and I felt a lot of anxious&desrealizated at the begining.

Today, I get surprised, when I came to the gym and see nothing in movement, or pixelated visión. Short-term memory so much better and despersonalization almost gone. Palinopsia, also amost gone. Body coordination is back doing exercise or perceiving the distances.I hope I will keeping and increasing the positive effects of that drug.

I will keep you inform, if somebody want.

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Wow, interesting, I'm so happy for you!


It's very strange though, because Sulpiride is like many other anti-psychotics a dopamine antagonist which reduces the flow on dopamine. Many other had succes with Sinemet for example, which is the direct opposite if I'm not mistaken.


So maybe you dont got HPPD, you might just have the real deal with hallucinatory palinopsia which is more easily treated. This is the differences between the two: "Hallucinatory palinopsia, usually due to seizures or posterior cortical lesions, describes afterimages that are formed, long-lasting, and high resolution. Illusory palinopsia, usually due to migraines, head trauma, prescription drugs, or hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD)".


I got illusory palinopsia for sure and I doubt that a dopamine antagonist would help me. Have you experienced any symptoms of schizofrenia? I hope not to offend you by asking this question. I don't judge anyone anymore. Like our own psychadelic rock interventor Roky Erickson got schizofrenia due to heavy LSD use. I think he had roughly 300 acid trips in a year, something like that. He was completely delusional with a lot of visuals too. But when on medication he can actually pull something off like this:



Love this song man. I used to play it a lot when I first got struck of HPPD.

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