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Hey guys, it's been about two years and I am a lot better, I almost feel normal but it's my visuals that remind me of my hppd mostly. What meds do you guys think work the best with movement without effecting mood to much?

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I have palinopsia or seeing tracers when anything is moving, snow or pixelated vision, colour pumps moving like as lava lamp when I have closed leyes, geometric patterns un the wall/closed eyes, vértigo, moving walls, and of course brain fog.

I'm in my six day on sulpiride and I can say good and bad things. First of all, is a neuroleptic which try to fix your anxiety, and for that, I suppose I feel almost normal, which is the best part of the med. I have more short-term memory and think cleary (can hear and understand conversations and give normal answers without seems like an idiot although dp is still there), is how being conscious or your speech limitation and your brain is working to trying to fix the dp problem. Desrealization, for me, 100% gone. I haven't vértigo, dizzines or feeling in moving again.

The bad thing is the libido. I haven't gains of sex lol. You live better with cognitive&visual problems but the lost of libido is the worst. Before hppd, I could have sex all days. The second and more important bad thing is that med is a neuroleptic and the treatment should during a few months and not all hppders have the same reacctions to drugs.

I think is a good option, if you just want a sligh for organizate thoughts, sign to gym, need to think clearly... but don't long-term treatment, for side effects and lost of libido.

I can keep you inform about my treatment, if you needing.

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