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Potential Association Between the Diagnoses of Both HPPD and PTSD...


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Hey guys,


I have a question. I'm new to the site, but I've had HPPD for about 3 years now. I also have PTSD (along with several other irrelevant mental disorders).... I'm doing Independent Research on HPPD for a course at my college and I noticed a pattern...


How many people who see this happen to have been diagnosed with both PTSD and HPPD?


I'd really appreciate the feedback/input! 


Thanks guys.


- Jessica

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I have never been diagnosed with either by doctors, however I think what most people on here would agree is that they have both a HPPD i.e (visual side, dp/dr) of their disorder and then a PTSD i.e (anxiety, depression side) to their disorder.


I personally get dp/dr,anxiety all the time, had it for around 5/6 years now, with the symptoms increasing during stressful times and then depression as an after effect because the HPPD/anxiety leaves me useless to try and get on with things! Like my Uni degree, studying for exams at the moment and it is hellish to focus! 


Would love to get to the stage your at doing research, I study pharmaceutical science hoping to do a research piece on the use of CBD as an anti-psychotic/anti-anxiety for the treatment of HPPD potentially. I currently self medicate with cannabis but believe it would be much more beneficial just to have the CBD on its own! 

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