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ice never believed my hppd was that bad of a case but I'm reading over people's symptoms and I feel like I have nothing similar. I have visual snow wich is pretty light during the day I mean I can see it sometimes without looking for it but I mostly have to look in a dark corner. I don't have double vision, ghosting, moving etc. I just have snow, light trails and tracers in the dark. Is it normal to have hppd where the most noticeable Nd really the only visual symptom is static or is this not hppd and is visual snow? Bye I did get it from drugs though

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It gets worse for me too. I believe that visual snow is significally increased in the dark or with eyes shut for most sufferes. For me my visual snow turns into patterns and create astral tunnels, takes me on it's own ride. Atleast I'll always have a light small trip before bedtime. It doesn't bother me anymore. Try to like it and I'm sure you'll be able to overcome it better. I rather see patterns and colours than plain grain boring visual daily fucking snow. If you can't stand it. Try to not focus on it, but think of something else really hard. Something that you like and focus on that part before you go to bed. It will lessen the static/patterns and hopefully you'll dream something nice. Good night pal.

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Oh, you don't have palinopsia?! Or just see it at night? If not, you are luckily! Although, the worst symptom for me is brain fog, or mild autism, how I like to call it.

When my hppd started, I was a heavy strong hash and sintetic weed smoker (I had my first trip and was a bad trip 2 months before) and all my symptoms were unamageable. Now, I'm doing much and I rarely get angry for visuals. I hate the brain fog and I'm tryng to get off by differents ways, and I'm winning!

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