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Is this a typical symptom?

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i'd like to apologize if this has already been brought up in a previous topic, but I have to ask. Before I had hppd, when I would lay down or be in a low position (not standing) for a long time and then get up I'd get the regular dizzy feeling and my vision would kind of fade a little. Since I've developed this disorder I noticed that when this scenario occurs I not only get dizzy (very dizzy!) but I also 1. Feel extremely faint almost like a mild vertigo 2. My vision completely fades out into this weird beige blocky pattern with blue starbursts 3. I get a chronic headache that's right above my eyes (forehead area). This 'thing' will last a good 30 seconds to minute before my vision will come back. I will note that I do try to get up slowly and kind of ease into a standing position, but it happens every time. I just wanted to ask if this is a typical hppd symptom or is it a low blood pressure problem?... Or something else. Any input is greatly appreciated c:

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