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Freedom of Speech

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It is easy for me to forget that the rights of man may not be fulfilled everywhere in the world and that the internet is worldwide.

But I see a breach in the law of the right to free speech, which I believe should exist and does exist.

Groups like the so called internet police along with a wave of hacker based vigilantism which may be thinly veiled as something else ...people sheparded towards an area they want you.

When the internet was first invented it was used as a place where you were free to express yourself as you want and I agree with that. But I don't believe in any of those aforementioned types of people and groups.

People like Nelson Mandela lost most his life to being imprisoned. They shut him up. Why must we be those people? Or why must we impose our morals without the due process or without the act of acting as your own man ?

Responsibility and consequence is imposed on people who don't want it.

And therein our freedom is lost. Partially.

Amnnesty international interests me. But hard to know what is deceptive and what will be, can be and should be. What shall be. And what I want.

Thank you. Feel free to make your free comments because this is my free thread!

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Some people are inherently decent. Some people are inherently good. Some people are at their core evil. And I see a difference in all. Some people have a sense of entitlement. But nobody is entitled....though to have food, water, shelter and free thought and expression (hopeful for the inclusion to all), sharing, loyalty, the medium to pursue their dreams, their rights, and the gradual acknowledgement of the concept of inherent goodness, yet not to have anything imposed because what is most important is what you believe without the hinderence of other negative forces such as other people force their own morals and mores on you.

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