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MRS Results (MRI with spectroscopy)


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Do you also live in Sweden? Have you got an appointment for a PET scan or a QEEG?

I'm still waiting for the EEG results here and It's been over 3 weeks since I did it. This system is so slow and ineffective. I know it won't show anything but you always gotta down down the follow up route here in Sweden.

Good luck friend,

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Well from the latest visual snow syndrome study it was shown a defect when using PET-scan. So I think I'll go for that first. Then a possibly QEEG, not sure what the chances are to get that here.

Next time I'll meet my neurologist I'll ask for keppra. Right now I have a 2-3 okey days and then I sink to the bottom with a lot of shitty days. It's such an unstable mood and it doesn't get better.

Best of luck to you!

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Weird that there are so many swedes here. Either we are keen to look up information or there is something in the water. Even if there are a lot of RC:s in the country, there are other countries except the us/gb where psychs are very common, like Australia and Israel where people are popping synthetic psychedelics like nothing and both have good knowledge in the english language and knows their way around the internet.

The darkness and intense VDU usage might make us suffer from this even more? I always get so much better just by moving myself to central europe.

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