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hello my name is martin i am 32 and live in bern swiss!



since the 24. oktober i had a bad trip with lsd (the first time) 

and since 8 years i have multiple sclerosis.

since the 24. of oktober, i cant feel my emotions anymore, my fear from the ms is desapeard thats in one way great, but the problem i don t have anymore pleasure and i feel  very disconectet to humans and even my lovely pets....

is anybody here who knows this symtoms?

if yes is it posible to recover and how you treat that?




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I feel the same thing. I have no fears or anxiety which can be reliefing but on the other side joy or happiness is extremly hard to reach. I can get angry and upset, feeling down but that's about it.

To answer your question your body is basicly protecting itself from any harm since the bad trip experience. It can be linked to depersonalisation but it dosen' have to. Both conditions are treatable where time is your best friend.

Some have success with anti-depressants and therapy others by living a healthy and active life.

Just don't try to fight it but accept it and it will eventually pass. Also refrain from any drugs.

Best luck,

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Have you diagnosed with MS since 8 years?? What's tests show evidences of that??

Sorry for hear that. I'm going to ask you some. MS is usually acompained by brain fog (or feeling disconnected from your world), so, had you had brain fog before took LSD? How many had you trip after get MS diagnosis??

I'm also feeling disconecting of my family, my girl (ex now....) and friends, so, I know that you are feeling bro. All started after few months of my unique dosage of shroom, so, I suspect hppd.

But, I'm interesting in you diagnosis because I also had suffering with low-grade fever, extreme fatigue, arthritis reumatoid since "HPPD" came. My doctor think I can have CFS (chronic fatigue) or MS and I'm not accord with that.

But I read about Lyme and co-infections and "hppd" (brain fog and visuals disturbances) are one of the one hundred symptoms. Do you had read or thought about this?

Kind regards and I send all strength for you!!!!

PD: Sorry for english, I'm spanish.

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