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Needs some advice with Vertigo and HPPD.

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Hey you guys, I've been awake for 2 days straight, and I finally slept the 3 day, today I got 2-3 hours, my mind it's like a fucking possension things come and go, some I do not even know or remember let alone, I cannot memory bank it.

I've had axenaity for most of my life, did weed, xtc, cocaine and some pill I cannot remember, which blurred out my vision afterwards from recovering, it hit me in 2011 with panic attacks, one year straight of hell of panic attacks, every night. But it has gotten worse now that I am expierencing DP-DR I think, with vertigo I often feel like spinning in my chair, meditation is a no go I tried it over the last couple of days vertigo is certaintly there, most of the times I feel like a pendulum in bed that swings and swings, or bubbles grown beneath me, HPPD is there with closing my eyes and seeing this purple blub moving outward and dissapears and start all over again, I do have after images, static field etc ..... had some borderline pschosy today insane I really wanted to kill myself.

I am wondering if anybody else is expierencing this ?

What is best to take Benzo? I need something to Sleep, I have allot of adrenaline pumping throughout my body over the last couple of days, that seemed to have triggerd it somehwat more. }



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I had vertigo at sleep 2 months-in, but I guess it was much less intense. Just a feeling of speeding and spinning or falling when in bed.


I just took 2 pills of Magnesium with B6 before bed and it did the trick. Maybe start by this before you try something stronger.

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