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I've dabbled with the idea of starting a foundation for hppd fora while and went as far as launching a relatively simple website. It was just a few pages with video testimonials of sufferers found on youtube. What I lacked was really solid scientific content. The site has since been take down but I'm willing to put it back up and spend money on hosting and forming a non profit with your help. Here's the deal; those of you that have a firm grasp on the theory regarding the nueriogucal mechanisms and dysfunction caused by hppd are invited to submit this information in 500 words or less. Consider this an essay contest. The winner gets published on the website whose work will be used to drive awateness and interest from the scientific community. If there's one thing I've been able to do is systematically track down researchers that might have an interest in this condition. Having credible science advisors on board will help us tremendously and provide useful in acquiring funding. The goal is to make HPPD an orphan disease which can open the floodgates for nih grants.

Help me help us all.

Submissions can be sent to me by PM

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