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Depersonalization help

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im posting this here instead of the dp page because I need an answer fast. This is only to the people that have had dp and got rid of it. I'm exercising a lot, eating healthy etc but can not get out of this hell. Today I found out my dad has cancer and I know that if he passes when I still have dp I will kill myself, please help

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Mr50's, I think I'm the person for these questions.

I still have DP/DR, but 80% less than before thanks to my current medication (Keppra, Wellbutrin, Concerta) and a more stable life and economic situation (less to worry about=less anxiety).

But, in 2011, my mother passed away of cancer.

I was devastated, drank like a sponge, popped benzos, and wanted to die and be with her in whatever lies beyond the gates of death. My doctor offered me to be put in closed psychiatric care, if needed.

In spite of everything, the last thing my mother got to be reassured of the hours before she passed, was a promise that I would keep on living and not kill myself.

I mean, I got out of closed psychiatric care a month before and got signed out in a very fragile state.

Somehow I got through it. Much because of supportive friends and remeberance of the promise. I allowed myself to rest and mourn, and slowly I improved.

Lets hope that your father can be cured from the cancer, it is possible if it's detected and removed in the early stages.

Also, tell this to your doctor, since a loved one who you might lose is a crisis situation for any person. They usually know how to ease the burden for you and will keep an watchful eye on you, preventing you from doing something very stupid (like suicide).

You will have an period of much trouble, I suppose meds like Keppra and sparsely use of benzo/benzo-type anxiolytics and sleep aids will keep you head above the water, so you don't plunge to deep into the DP/DR anxiety ridden depths. Keep exercising and eating well, some people might even stop eating, which of course is the worst thing possible for recovery..

Best wishes to you Mr50's!

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Thanks 415, I don't wanna talk about it to much because I'm still pissed off but he doesn't have cancer. Some fucktwad of a doctor "assumed" it was cancer because he smokes. We had an expert opinion look it over and it a beneign growth, fuck doctors

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