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Need help i take anti-psygotics


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Please i need help and advice my English is not so good

I used 1 year 1 time at the week mushrooms i believe te strongest after 1 very bad trip(the last one) i quit do drugs any more before i geth always bad trip from weed to after i do i few times i quit it to it was in the time when i used mushrooms

Now after the last trip 1 month later i starting feeling stranger it was dp/dr what i first geth first time 1 week then 2 weeks then until now i have it still then came hppd and i then i geth the feeling to go crazy to loose my mind halunusations after images uncalm so i go to a pshcian he says i am psychotic after i take the med. I geth calm buth i am still hard like before like no med

Buth now after 2,5 years i am better buth still have hppd for 50/100 and stil sick like 30/100 compare other disease that i have

Now when i starting to geth sick my libido sucks to my med first invega after risperdal make me feel like i have no feelings no emotions no libido no fun i dont like music any more i dont want to go and do somthing fun because i still dont feel me good

I have try to take half of my dose of med. After 3 weeks my hppd geth wors and start to feel very bad i try to stop my med. To geth my life back buth i am stuck its imposible to deal witout anti psygotics for me buth

Now is the question if i geth more dopamine then to lowering my dopamine whats my med. Do right now will i geth better like with sinemet example

Plz help me and give me advice i want at least fun in my life again.

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If you have a psychotic disorder, and get antipsychotics for them, you can not stop taking them without a doctors approval and supervision.

But it seems your doctor has misdiagnosed you with psychosis.

If you "see things" and it "feels like I'm losing my mind" that sounds more like HPPD and DP/DR, really. Antipsychotics are probably the worst meds against those disorders.

With psychosis, you would not have any realization of being sick. You would think that everyone else sees the same gnomes and dragons you see, basically. Delusional, it's called.

With HPPD, you know that what you see is not part of what everyone else sees.

Same with DP/DR, everything feels alien to you, but you know people around does not experience what you do.

You seem to have a clear definition what's reality and what is fantasy.

Psychotic people lacks this defining line, reality and fantasy are merged into one for them.

You should get a second opinion from another doctor. Risperidone is a hell for body, mind and HPPD symptoms. To use it without being psychotic is torture, without necessity.

As for meds, Sinemet will bring dopamine levels up, Wellbutrin is another option.

Keppra for improvement of HPPD/DPDR symptoms, and mood stabilization.

Your libido will improve also with cessation of Risperidone use, libido will get an extra boost with Sinemet or Wellbutrin.

However, discuss the medication with a doctor, rather some other doctor than the one who sloppily diagnosed you as psychotic..

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Buth the doctor tell me i have the symptoms of psygotic disease buth i am also depressif sometime because i cant do anything fun in my life because of hppd i just fucket my brain with this mushrooms hmm i am so mad and so unlucky in live i dont know wat the do mayby sinemet is my only hope to geth happy i believe i have damaged dopamine balance so what shall sinmet do for me is a big question

What i try is with supllements a time ago is sprulinna, chlorella, magnesium,vitamine b-complex,fish oil, raw garlic, vitamine d, l-theanine,5htp,penlayine somthing call like that,stem cell nutrution, canabidiol

All with no results only i few times placebo effects was like i geth hope that shall work buth nope

Buth whats help me alot is eating every day a hand full different nuts after 2 monts i feelt big difference i have a beter mood buth still i am not good

I have a big problem how the way my brain fuction i have a hard life like many hppd suffers

I quit siggarets for 10 days now with champix now i feel i littel beter buth still unhappy waching tv and living in desperation i am trapd dont know what the future shall bring

I want to fitness buth my foot is infected for a mont now i take med. For it i hope i will heal soon

Mayby sport is away to increase my dopamine,endorfine,serotine levels

Now what shall make stabilice my mood wil sinemet help me? I try anti-depressifs before buth dont help so the question is is my dopamine levels low that i cant enjoy life?

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I'm still unsure if you actually have a psychosis. You see, doctors can sometimes misdiagnose disorders if they don't do proper research. If you indeed had an psychotic episode, your medicine Risperidone has forced it down long ago, as most episodes only last a short time (a few days or weeks). Therefore antipsychotic medication should be removed when the doctor deems it to be safe to do so..

You really should get an second opinion if you actually have psychosis in the present time.

I mean, you actually WENT to the doctor and he diagnosed you.. Most psychotic people get BELTED DOWN and forced out of it with Haloperidol and Ativan, diagnosed in closed psychiatric care!

Read the basics about psychosis here:


Then also read these basics on DP/DR and HPPD, were there also is mentioned how these disorders easily can be misdiagnosed if the doctors don't do their research:




Translated from the Swedish Wiki on HPPD (different info than the English Wiki):

"HPPD is a rare disorder that rarely occurs in the educational or practical activities of neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and ophthalmologists. At a first clinical assessment the treating physician may be of the impression that it is an issue of drug-related psychosis. This diagnosis, however, is inaccurate and likely to impair the patient's potential for rehabilitation. Contrary to a person with psychosis, individuals with HPPD have an intact sense of reality and are therefore fully aware that their visual disturbances are not a part of anything that can be perceived by other people. These disorders are therefore not strictly hallucinations in the clinical sense, but rather a continuous perceptual disorder of the senses, which manifests itself in the form of visual disturbances and pseudohallucinations. There is currently no cure for this disorder, even though it in rare cases occurs in some patients shorter periods of symptom improvement, the vast majority diagnosed with HPPD has to take into account to live with HPPD permanently."

"Other common symptoms for individuals affected by this disorder include depression, cognitive impairment, panic disorder, also emotional blunting and "feelings of unreality" (Depersonalization-Derealisation).

Also physical symptoms such as tinnitus, headache and neurological pain occurs."

Does what I've said above sound familiar?

Now do you see that you, whether you have psychosis or not, need to get a new and more accurate examination "second opinion" by another doctor?

"Risperidone is a second-generation atypical antipsychotic.[2] It is a dopamine antagonist possessing anti-serotonergic, anti-adrenergic and anti-histaminergic properties."

It says that everything which makes you feel alive and happy, is supressed by Risperidone! Neither Sinemet or Wellbutrin can break through this antagonistic effect very much. Which means, as long as Risperidone is used you'll get close to zero transmission of dopamine or serotonin. No wonder everything feels empty and pointless to you!

Now imagine, that you might not have a psychosis anymore, or you didn't have any psychosis at all to begin with.. Then the antipsychotic medication is of no use, it's harming you instead!

Go get a new examination at another doctor, I have a feeling you have been either;

1: misdiagnosed with psychosis

2: your previous diagnosis (psychosis) is inactual now

And therefore you need your medication


If you want to improve, this is nr.1 on your to-do list.

Other than that, eating healthy, exercising, socializing with friends and loved ones are important also, of course.

Hope I have given a more clear answer this time, now get going and make this right! ;-)

Best wishes to you!

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Also here's further notes on medication for HPPD and comorbid disorders translated from the Swedish Wiki:

Since a direct cure is missing, medical treatment should instead focus on alleviation of the symptoms. Examples of medication that had some success with relieving effect is Klonopin, included in the group of benzodiazepines [1] and Keppra (levetiracetam), both of which are anti-epileptic drugs. Antipsychotic medications such as Risperidone is however directly unsuitable and can dramatically exacerbate (worsen) the symptoms.[2][3]

Also, varying degrees of deterioration have been reported from several HPPD- affected by the intake of antidepressants such as SSRIs or SNRIs preparations.

Patients with comorbid symptoms such as depression and panic disorder should therefore be recommended to try drugs such as NRI (Reboxetine) (or NDRI-Wellbutrin *my notation*), as these have not been shown to impair the patients primary symptom picture.[4][5]

Medication and continuous contact with the treating physician should also be combined with therapy to give the patient the opportunity to manage their situation and eliminate any suicidal tendencies."

And I should add, Sinemet has some kind of good effects for some people on this forum. Ask the user Visual for more info on this.

And I can assure you, I have a friend who is very vunerable for psychosis and also has HPPD. Previously, he has been dependant on having antipsychotics steadily, since he can relapse quickly otherwise. He has had all of them; Zyprexa, Seroquel, Haloperidol, Nozinan and also Risperidone. They made him feel awful to say the less, but were necessary.

Now he has NO antipsychotic medication at all, though he's just as vunerable as before. He has Keppra instead! He has not had any psychotic relapse at all, improvement instead of degradation of HPPD, and also his mood and cognition is better than I've ever seen on him.

Also, he has improved libido (according to him) and has lost much weight, almost at optimal BMI now.

Anti-epileptics (Keppra, Ergenyl, Lamictal, Carbamazepine) are commonly used as mood stablizers for bipolar disorder primarely, and of these meds, Keppra is the newest medication with less side-effects. Also, Keppra is not only known for being most effective against HPPD and DP/DR, but has been known to be provide the most stable mood-stabilization in bipolar disorder compared to older anti-epileptics, according to recent medical research studies (and according to my friend who has also had all of these anti-epileptics too!)

Keppra combined with an NRI/NDRI antidepressant, (Reboxetine or Wellbutrin) or dopamine-direct meds such as Sinemet, seems to be the best working medication cocktail for many HPPD'ers.

However, read my previous post for the first step you need to take (proper, correct diagnosis), then read this post for the next step (proper medication).

Good luck Umit! :-)

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Txn for information and relplying

Buth the problem is when i stop risperdal or lower the dose i feel my very uncalm its a feeling i cant discripe its was the same before starting anti-psygotics i think my bad trip experience have cause it permantly damage my mind I dont know where is the problem in my brain is it serotonic or dopamine now if i use sinemet in the place of risperdal wil i have a better effect?

And if i lower the dose of risperdal my hppd geth very worse to like the ground moving and lot of more things

i forgot to say i use already clonopin for 6monts 0,5mg day its stabilize my mood to buth i dont know if i am addicted to it buth yea if quit it i feel bad to i was the last man thats need drugs to use in the world

I want to try sinemet with tolcapone and quit risperdal and use keppra to

And i have started meditation 3 times 10 min at day wil see after 2monts wat i geth

I will be very happy if sinemet can take risperdal over with no problems

have sombody an idea that will work for me?

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Risperdal does the opposite of Sinemet.


The heart of the matter is: are you suffering delusions? 


If so, Sinemet or anything that increases dopamine is the last thing to take.


Antipsychotics reduce motivation and pleasure.  For delusions or schizophrenia, it is a matter of living with the lesser evil.


If you are not suffering delusions, then you are taking the wrong med.



Is Risperdal reducing visual symptoms?  Or is it just reducing anxiety?

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No i dont have aniexty

The problem is i feel so bad like my last bad trip i gues buth i am not sure i cant discriape how i feel when i am witout risperdal or if i try reduce the dose its been 2.5 years past and that symptom has still not recoverd

I dont have deliuzins i need an alternative then anit-psygotics to calm down my mind and to geth normal i am in big trouble if i need to take risperdal my whole life if an psycian dont know what the do with me then who knows

My visuals geth worse by time in the background with anti psygotics i only see the damage when i stop taking it

i dont know if i have a serotonic problem or dopamine

at the beginning i had light halunisations

I saw face of humans when i close my eyes buth its over for 6monts

i wil go to an new psycian soon buth i dont have much hope i am stuck i dont know what the do.

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It hard because you have to work with your doctors and it takes time to get it right.


Seeing faces is common for some with HPPD.  Don't remember the medical term but someone else here might.


The key difference between 'delusion' and 'seeing things' (like faces) is knowing what you perceive isn't real.


What you need to do is right down your symptoms now.  Then slowly reduce your Risperdal to 1/2 and then right down your symptoms.  Then you can compare benefits with side-effects and discuss that with your doctor.


Are you able to work right now and do things with your life?

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Yea its very hard to lower my dose even i use low doses buth i talk with my doctor what the do

And i am dont able to do things or work i am to sick for it i have strong dp dr hppd depresion that bad trip knockt me realy hard i was depressed to when i use mushrooms so that was not a good idea

My new goals are meditation nuts and flaxseed oil for omega 3 and sport i wil see after 6 monts wat the result are

I always knowed that wat i am feel or sawed thats not real i know i am sick

Buth if i am not psygotic why work that for me?

Do you know What can replace anti-psyotics?

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Antipsychotics are sometimes used as 'mood stabilizers'.


If it is working for you, that is great.  But from what you describe, you suffer a lot still.


Antiseizure meds seem to help the most people, though there isn't a cure (just time).  You would need to work close with your doc for any transition.  Klonopin and Keppra seem to have some good reports.  But with benzos it is best to only take them short terms.


Since you are taking anti-dopamine, it would be the most disruptive to try to take a dopamine med right away.


Have you tried any other med beside antipsychotic?

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I am suffering constanly having negative feeling and mood and when i talking some one its hanging in my head like i hear it two times i hear sounds that coming to my ear its sounds strange my hand and foots feel and see strange envairment to and i rembember the i of me not so good its like i am strange for my self

Sinds i practice meditation my symptoms geting worse should i continiu?

No i only try depakine before 1month with no results

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