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ADD+ADHD problems (lethargy, anxiety, depression)

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I used to smoke weed for add/adhd and it gave me lust for life.

I have my day off today and I'm completely bored because I have no motivation.

I wouldn't mind sleeping all day but its real life.

Since hppd, can't smoke weed or do stimulants. Have anxiety and depression and low motivation.

Can't even read a book because I just get drowsy cuz I just daydream.

Does anyone know any add/adhd helping drugs/herbs/supplements that can help me? The only way I can have fun seemingly is excersize to stimulate my brain and that gets old.

I hear sinemet somehow increases dopamine without exacerbating symptoms so that's my only candidate so far ..

Please help love, lethargic

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I have both diagnoses.

Against ADHD, I use Concerta 54 mg and Wellbutrin XR 300 mg.

How is this possible with HPPD? The answer is for me; Keppra. An anti-EP/ mood stabilizer is commonly used with combined bipolar and ADHD, as it will stabilize the increased activity in the brain (caused by the CNS stimulant) which helps the ADHD, and prevents manic/psychotic episodes at the same time.

Is this also true for coexisting ADHD and HPPD? A clear yes!

Both me and my doctor thought there might be a risk for HPPD aggrevation when I started with Concerta, but there has been almost none at all. This is because of Keppras smoothening of the electric overactivity, it seems. I have 1000 mg/day right now, I started Keppra 1.5 years before Concerta.

Wellbutrin I started 2 years before Keppra, and I suffered a couple of weeks of severe HPPD aggrevation (think 200 mics of acid visuals). Wellbutrin is quite close to Concerta in pharmacological effects, but Concerta (methylphenidate) is a controlled substance and far stronger.

In summary: start with Keppra before Concerta or Wellbutrin. Concerta is the #1 choice against ADHD IMO, since it's a quite steady 12 hour effect. Ritalin (instant release) should be avoided, for many reasons.

Wellbutrin has a little bit of effect against ADHD, but not very much, so skip that one.

Keppra by itself helps against some ADHD problems, such as restless sleep and restless legs, and speech impairments (dysarthria).

What I'm saying is that you can use CNS stimulants for your ADHD, but only if you have an steady anti-EP medication before! Keppra is to prefer, other meds of the same class might work also.

I've not used Sinemet, but from what I know and read, it doesn't help ADHD at all.. And for all the supposed effective supplements against ADHD, like fish oil, I'll just say: they don't help one bit, I've tried most of them.

I have strong version of ADHD, with frequent rage outbursts, horrible restlessness, highly distractable, and self-destrucive behaviour. Chaos embodied basically!

Only Concerta has really had any power to make order in the chaos, before I had a polydrug abuse, with weed, benzos and alcohol. They made me calm for the moment, but destroyed me even more in the long run. Now I never want to use them again, Concerta has replaced them entirely and fixed the main cause of the polydrug abuse; ADHD.

CNS stimulant medication really works for ADHD. This fact have been proven several times by many separate studies.

Also I should add, that my friend who also has ADHD and HPPD, but also had repeated psychotic episodes, uses the same combination of meds as me (but no Wellbutrin, and higher doses of Concerta) has an much improved condition now, with this med combo, no HPPD spikes or relapse of psychosis.

Sorry if the answer got very long, hope it can help to clarify how to get ADHD improvements without messing with HPPD..

If you want, I can also give you advice on ADHD management strategies (I learned from specialized therapeuts I had) which helps my everyday life, an extra help alongside the medication.

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LA, have you been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?  Usually they put people on meds for that.



415s statement about using Keppra (or someother antiseizure type med) is good.  For some, just antiseizure works for managing HPPD, Klonopin being the most common.


Dopamine is stimulating.  Less than norepinephrine or epinephrine (which the body makes out of dopamine) but still a factor.  Perhaps a good way to describe it for men is testosterone (which levels are controlled by dopamine) -- it motivates to get up and do things (ambition).


Dopamine is also regulating.  In cases of low dopamine, brain circuits get stuck - think of a stick-shift with a broken clutch ... you have to make do with whatever gear you are stuck in (fortunately the brain doesn't stall like a car).  For these people, increasing dopamine will relieve symptoms related to low dopamine.



HPPDers have hyperactive brain systems (pre-seizure state) which explains why some get relieve with antiseizure meds.  Hyperactive reflects in hypervigilance - over sensitive to peripheral vision, sounds, difficult sleeping, difficult concentrating.  Generally using just a small about of meds to calm being out of control is helpful.  Then CBT/psychotherapy is helpful to self-train control of thinking ... regaining lost control: anxiety, depression and goals.  Many get relieve from visual distortions when managing their anxiety.


ADD/ADHD is its own beast to manage.  It is known to a dopamine problem.  Those with this disorder are in best position to describe what works for them for HPPD



Keppra is an antiseizure med.  It also has anticholinergic affect (reduces acetylcholine activity).  Anticholinergics slow vision flicker response.  For some that can help with DR and symptoms relating to frames.  It is a med worth trying.


Gabapentin is another med to consider.  It is quite different than Keppra.  More like a benzo but without the withdrawal/dependence issues.  Note: all antiseizures are sedating.  Sometimes that is good.  Sometimes not.


As with all meds, keep the dose small ... "How Low Can You Go"

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Great extra info, Visual!

Indeed medication doses should be as low as possible. Slow dose increases with evaluation with each step is a good way to go.. I'm a large guy, 220 something pounds, for me my doses are a cakewalk. If you weigh 150 lbs, doses need to be lower.

Most meds/drugs have a mg/mcg per kilogram dosage calculation. For Methylphenidate, the max allowed dose is 1mg/kilogram, i.e. 100 mg per day for a 100 kilos heavy person. Then there are individual responses, genetics, gender, previous disorders etc. are important factors for dosing. You'll know when the dosage is perfect, too much Methylphenidate speeds up heart rate and perspiration, too much Keppra is very sedative (somnolence) and lowers levels of consciousness.

Adult dosage on average might therefore be somewhere around 54-72 mg Methylphenidate and 1500 mg for optimal effects..

Like Visual says, do you have a clinical diagnose on ADD/ADHD? If you don't, don't use CNS stimulants.

CNS stims without ADHD will make you very speedy and high, too much energy simply.

With ADHD, you'll experience a very harmonious calming effect. Not a high feeling at all. Actually you can get drowsy in the beginning. Not like a benzo would do, this feels really natural. Like it is something your body has not been able to provide before, but suddenly it starts working, if you know what I mean..

Everything just seems to run at the right pace, and just sitting still 5 mins is possible and kinda comfortable.

You'll feel more in control, less nervous and agitated. Also, you'll probably think; "How could I ever have lived without this? Now I'm finally complete!"

Most people with ADHD and medication report that they finally can stop the polydrug abuse, which is 6 times more likely to occur for an ADHD person.

The need for it is replaced by the missing piece (bringing the dopamine level close to normal) with controlled medication instead of random drugs and other destructive "dopamine kicks".

"Addicted to ADHD drugs? No, now I'm finally unaddicted" as I read in a comment in another forum, sums it up very well. Since I began Concerta, I stopped drinking alcohol entirely. I can't drink with this med (toxic) and I don't want to drink or use drugs again.

I don't need it, I'm content with life, calmer, more self-confident and well, actually a bit happy for once!!

Alcohol/drugs is nothing but yuck for me now, I went from being close to developing alcoholism again right before I got this medication, to not wanting to touch booze ever again. Like a flip of the hand!

Abuse of ADHD meds is a risk if you don't have ADHD, not very likely if you have the diagnosis.

You'll notice if you start the ADHD medication how your response is. However, make sure you have a clinical diagnosis and don't forget to have an anti-EP before!

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