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1 month hppd new user/teammate. Taurine/chance of recovery? ashwaghanda root? add/adhd medication


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hey everybody my names Lethargic :mellow: and i aquired this disorder about 40 days ago. ive been sooo anxious and depressed therefore stressed and have DR. Im just a dissociative person in general becuase im sensitive to emotions so sometimes i dissociate myself as a defence system.

My mom is angry at me right now because im so stupid with brainfog... i have add/adhd as it is and i have such a short temper now so i yell at her. she asks why im on the internet all day and i cant tell her i have hppd..... This shit is ruining my life


I always oversleep and my dreams are always lucid as fuck. its funner than reality but its not real =\


WIth add/adhd my brain is already bombarded with stimuli that i can hardly process so this added stress makes me hardly able to pay attention in class. Im too busy worrying and shit to do my homework so Im wasting my time making this shit when my grade's at stake. :(


excersize is the main thing that makes me feel ok but i have to do homework... too stressed


If i take adderrall or caffiene or weed etc. for add adhd then ill basically go insane forever...


So im stuck with this absentminded brain plus hppd so I cant remember ANYTHING. everyone thinks im stupid and stoned all the time cuz i talk with no motivation but that was all the time even pre hppd


I am 18 and my life was seemingly perfect before hppd...


For some reason ranting makes me feel better. Im working on not being a martyr.


Now ill list the things that I do to cope with HPPd after all this research on hppdonline.com:


fish oil


valerian root

vitamin b

eating healthy


Now ill list what actually ive noticed helps:

Yoga and Meditation actually are like the best along with deep breathing. Like ill literally be in class anxious, deep breathing the whole time and trying to meditate in class. Ive been super anxious/depressed and i look like a total teenage loser.


Now what I can contribute to u guys: I use taurine to alleviate anxiety.             Some on the forum say that it increases visuals, but I have not noticed an increase. Im planning on cutting off the taurine to see if i can cope and if the visuals decrease.

I still have a chance for recovery :unsure: ... Taurine is a GABA agonist and it helps alot with anxiety.

                                                                             I was thinking about trying Keppra/Sinemet but i was informed by the user's post, Jay, that that may interfere with my recovery and i should just live with this bullshit until =\.

            I was particularly keen about trying sinemet not only becuase HPPD recovery but becuse its a Dopamine increaser and add adhd is catgorized as low set of dopamine so it would theoritcally alleviate ADD/ADHD symtoms and HPPD. but i cant becuase it may interfere with my recovery i guess.


            One option may be to use L-theanine in green tea to alleviate add/adhd as i heard it has alleged benefits. So thats pretty much the only thing going for me other than meditation. =\

       So depressed and I am neglecting my priorities just to write this as i feel it alleviates my anxiety.


                       The user, 50's, tried ashwaghanda root and he said that it is better than valarian root for anxiety so any reports on that. any other tested anxiety treatments?


   Anyways hit me up guys about Taurine and any depression treatment. or whatever that can help. or about sinemet or keppra if they will interfere with recovery. or Add/adhd medications that wont interfere with hppd/dr/dp. I just wanna not be DR'ed all the time .......


Love u all and i hope we can find a cure for this shit somehow for the masses with hppd.... yeah wishful thinking anyways time to hopefully not neglect my oh-so-important priorities.


         Love, Lethargic






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