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Food additives to avoid


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we all know that eating healthy can be crucial to healing from hppd, with that said everyone that has tried to eat healthy had realised that you cannot do that to easily, atleast in America. Everything has preservatives, artificial sweeteners, dyes and artificial flavors, here are some additives in particular we should all try to avoid. 1:aspartame, known as Equal, it is an artificial sweetener that is neurotoxic. It over exited cell to the point of death,converts to methanol and formaldehyde in the body, and has been found to cause mood and neurological disorders. 2:monosodium glutamate:known as msg, it is added to food to give it an richer taste. It basically tells your brain that the food your eating is really good, when reality it isn't, wich causes excess dopamine to be released. 3:high fructose corn syrup: the main sweetener in the majority of soda's. It is made from gmo corn, and causes horrible brain fog, at least for me. It is basically concentrated sugar.

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Well, it's worth considering those additives. Generally, try to stick with more natural foods.

Fried food should be avoided at all costs, it's garbage to the whole body. Alternatives are to eat oven baked or cooked.

Skip out all refined sugars, go for natural occuring ones. Honey is a good alternative, also the natural sugar types in fruits. Though be wary about pesticides on the outer peel. Ecological would be to prefer.

Go for non-saturated fats. Fat fish such as mackerel and salmon are loaded with omega 3 and lots of other good nutrients.

Use olive oil instead for butter and frying oil, and dont heat it too much. It's best eaten with salad or bread, cold.

Wholegrain is better than refined meal.

Water instead of soft drinks, put lemon slices in it to give it a flavor. And drink a lot (2 litres a day at least).

Basically, a Mediterranean (Cretan) diet.

I understand it must be hard in USA to eat healthier, everything seems to have nasty additives and/or be bombarded with the worst types of fat and sugars.

Try to seek out better foods no matter how hard or expensive it may be.

For me it has improved my general health, kept my weight, levels of blood sugar and kept HPPD in better check. It also makes the skin look better and makes the body scent more fresh.

Maybe I strayed a bit from the food additive subject, but there are more things than just additives that can affect health and with that HPPD...

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I try to avoid fish because of the high Mercury levels, Mercury toxicity causes memory loss, anxiety etc. I had lead poisoning once when I was 13 and into pellet guns, I would handle the lead pellets and not wash my hands and go eat and eventually my parents started thinking I was delusional. Anyways yes like you said you should eat healthy in general but there are some certain food additives like the ones I've listed that Are known to cause brain fog in healthy individuals

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Yes, particularly sweetwater fish. Safest fishes are those from the open sea, like Atlantic Mackerel.

Grown fish like salmon (unnatural but no PCB or lead at least) might also be better.

Fast food (Mickey D in particular) is probably the worst crap that can be eaten. The beef is 50% soy, the meat is the worst quality. Grown with antibiotics, corn and steroids. And there's also sugar(!) in the beef!

Might also contain EHEC, Mad Cow and antibacterial chemicals.. Yay!

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