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Feeling worse

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Maybe you're overstraining yourself,

Mr50's.. All of these things are good for the health, but overdoing it "more is better" will actually worsen everything in the end. Remember to rest a lot and relax..

I only train two times a week now, eat junk food occasionally (most of the time I eat healthy though), and have less quantity and more quality with social

contacts. Much resting every day, with much time on my own. I'm unable to meditate though, since it requires sitting still which is impossible with ADHD.. ;-)

This works good for me, but a little too much of anything, and the dissociation, irritable mood, pains and migraines comes knocking again.

I think you should find out where your limit is set..

The middle way is usually the right way IMO.. :-)

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Excellent advice, 415! I tend to psychologically over exert myself ruminating on my past substance abuse which precipitated my HPPD and amplified it on a daily basis recently; it only compounds the co-morbid symptoms. I have ADHD too, and used/abused Adderall which transcended me into an entirely new echelon of dissociative hell. It's antithetical to not be able to self-medicate for mental illnesses with HPPD!

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Yeah, Cannabrain.

I developed severe panic anxiety and OCD due to a combination of traumatic experiences and HPPD both caused by previous drug use.

Even with recovery from PAD and OCD some years ago, dwelling in "how could I ruin my life" "how the hell could I use drugs at all" is not very constructive for me. It's actually a risk for OCD relapse. Self-punishment really.

Same thing with the "more is better" thinking. It can easily become an obsession, for me it's also major risk of relapse to burn-out (stress collapse), which always is looming under the surface waiting to return..

Regarding medication for ADHD, it's a walk on the tightrope. This year I was prescribed Concerta, which I would not be able to use without simultaneous Keppra stabilizing. They work well together, I finally feel some calm in the ADHD storm, while Keppra keeps my mind and HPPD symptoms from running wild.

Think that I got my ADHD diagnosis at the age of 11, renewed diagnosis at adult age (23), and now at age 30 I got the medication which I would have needed long ago, which could have prevented the polydrug abuse which gave me HPPD & co..

Well, there was the dwelling in past again.. ;-)

My life now requires more scheduling and discipline. If I forget relaxation and recreation, then I'll be sorry quickly. Likewise if I don't keep up some light physical and mental activity..

Difficult and complicated to adapt to such a schedule, because you always want far more than you can perform in reality. Finding balance is hard as hell..

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