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Prednisone and dp


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I'm a very anxious person. Let's get that out of the way. I was on klonopin for 6 years and now about 4 months off of it but considering going back in issue if this is what life is like without I can do it to out it bluntly. I'm wondering what peoples experiences with prednisone are. A few days ago I got some sharp chest pains and tightening so thought heart attack thought I was dying EKG said no. Still hard to breathe lung test and oxygen came back normal though. Have a sinus infection as well I belive that I'm on antibiotics for. Doc put me on prednisone he thinks will help inflamed chest muscles. Last couple days I've been real foggy,headaches, feeling small, depersonalization stuff in general. Also a hypochondriac so feeling this way, sorta confused I get worried about multiple sclerosis. Had a scan for that about a year ago and came up fine.

If you skipped over that it's understandable so to simplify has prednisone caused any increase in depersonalization for anyone?

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